Monday, May 27, 2013

Playing in the Rain on Memorial Day

Today was Memorial Day.  A day to honor our military.  To honor those serving our country now and all those that served in the past.  I am so thankful to each and everyone of the people that have given their time, their lives and their all to each of us in America.

Today was also a day off of school.  I wanted to take the time to do something fun with the girls.  I had promised to take the girls to the dollar store.  They worked really hard at our garage sale and this was their payment.  They had such fun picking out two things each.  The girls must have changed their minds half a dozen times.  

Then I stopped and got Bekah new sheets for her bed (Hannah had cut up the other ones "by accident").  I got Hannah new sandals for the wedding coming up.  The girls are going to be flower girls in my cousins wedding.  Whoohoo!

I had planned on taking the girls to the park and then to the river.  Right before we left the house, it started raining.  

I loved my girls response.  

"We don't have to go to the park.  Everything will be wet.  We can just go to the river and play.  It'll be an adventure.  We can make this fun!"

Instead of complaining. . . they were happy. 

 Instead of crying and screaming. . . they figured out how to make the best of it.

Every day we work on this.  We talk about how to praise God when things happen that we don't like.  We thank Him for everything around us when we are tempted to complain.  This doesn't come naturally to me.  It doesn't come naturally to the girls either.  I think that most of us have this struggle to look for the good and to smile instead of throwing a fit when things don't go our way.  

So the girls smiled and had a good attitude and we went out and had fun. 

We packed the umbrellas and our coats and headed out the door.  

We went to the 

          Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Beach.

It was raining, but the girls didn't care.  Within a minute, Bekah put down the umbrella and went to play.  The girls just loved getting wet.  They loved the rain on their faces, the river water filling their boots, the mud all over their hands.  

Each moment they were out at the river they had fun.  We took what could have been a wet and rainy day stuck indoors and we made memories.  These are memories they will cherish for a long time.  Find ways to enjoy your kids and do fun and crazy things with them.  Teach them how to look for the good and how to smile when they don't get what they wanted.

Have fun playing in the Rain!!!

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