Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What is wrong with my Little GIrl: Part 2

Hannah has been struggling with tummy aches almost non-stop, plus bloating and headaches and such. After a visit to her pediatrician last Tuesday, we went in for labs on Friday.  She did NOT want to go, but did well while we were there.  I held her and it was over and done in 45 seconds.  They even let her pick 6 toys out of the toy chest.

On the way home we stopped at Olivers to find some dairy free food for her.  Her Gluten Free/Dairy Free diet started as soon as we got her tested.  The Silk Almond milk (vanilla and chocolate) are good and she doesn't mind them.  None of us liked the coconut milk.  I thought it tasted like barium that I had to drink for my GI tests as a kid.  It had a good after taste but overall, not great.  Hannah didn't like the Almond yogurt and I didn't care for the texture either.  She tolerates her dairy free "cheese" when it is melted but it doesn't look very good to me.

Since getting off of these foods, her belly looks smaller and her tummy aches are all but gone.  I talked to her pediatrician yesterday.  We are waiting on one lab to come back, but the rest of them are back.  It shows negative tests for Celiac disease.  The CBC and metabolic panel was good.  The only thing that was off was her Vitamin D was a bit low.  Weird since she drinks a ton of milk, eats lots of yogurt and cheese too.  Plus she takes a Flinstone Vitamin with Vitamin D in it.

 To start off with we'll give her double the Vit D for a month and add probiotics to help her feel better.  Two of her pediatricians will meet to see what to do next.  She will probably end up going to a doctor down in the city to see if he can tell why her tummy is so bloated.  For now we are keeping her off of milk and wheat, since it seems to be helping her feel better.  It is good to see her just enjoying life instead of crying and whining constantly.

Thank-you all for you prayers.  I covet them.  God is good and is in complete control of everything, including my sweet child.  I fully trust Him to take care of her and to give Chris and I wisdom as we seek to help her feel better.

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