Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bekah's First Day of Kindergarten

Bekah started kindergarten at Rincon Valley Christian School on Monday.   She was so excited and a little nervous too.  This was her first time to be away from Mommy and Daddy in this type of setting. 
I was excited for her to start school.  She is so bright and eager to learn.  I can see that she is starting to get a bit bored at home and I know that school will be so good for her.  

Last week we bought her school supplies, packed her bag, got yummy things for her lunch and I modged podged pictures of family in her pencil box.  She liked that.  Bekah told me on Thursday that she looks at the pictures when she misses us at school.

Bekah had fun packing her lunch.  She is so hungry at school.   We keep having to pack more and more food for her.  I guess learning burns calories.  I love Hannah's face watching her big sis.

Daddy gives Bekah some hugs before we left for school.

I so love my girls.  They make me smile with their enthusiasm and love for life.    

At school we bought a milk card for Bekah, saw Grandmom, then walked to the playground.  The kids were already going into their rooms.  I helped Bekah find her name tag and hang up her backpack.  She was a little overwhelmed with so many kids and parents in the room.  I was a little overwhelmed too.  There are things every where to play with and the choices are almost too much.  I stayed with Bekah until she found the creation flannel grafts to play with.  It was so cute as Hannah sat right down with her and they played together.  I was one of the first parents to go.  I felt that Bekah was going to be fine and the teacher couldn't start school with all the parents there. 

 It was a little sad leaving her, mostly because I wished I could sit in the corner and just watch her.  I want to see what she struggles with, what she faces with confidence, who she sits with and how she interacts with everyone.  I don't feel the need to hold her hand.   I know that she can do it and will have a blast.   I just really wanted to experience it with her.

It really helped me to have Christine, Jen and Patricia there as I left the class room.  They have all been through this before.  Patricia's daughter had Mrs. Fletcher last year and she was so encouraging.  It was nice to talk to the other moms and realize that I was starting a new season in my life.  

We were joking about how we were close to crying, so of course we roped Andy B. into getting a picture of us pretend crying.  It was so funny that it made me not  even get choked up at all.

I love having friends that I can laugh with (and cry too) as we go through life together.  

I had a meeting at work, then went to a few stores.  Hannah got to be my special helper and even pushed the tiny cart at Olivers.  I think she really will like having one on one time with me (and daddy too) while Bekah is in school.  Then we ate lunch, had a short rest and it was already time to pick up Bekah from school.  

It is so weird having Bekah in a class where I don't know anyone.  I don't know the kids or the parents. We all gathered at the side of the building where our kids would come to wait for them.  I got a chance to have a few conversations and meet a few of the parents.  One of the families is new to the area and we bonded with them at the back to school night.  I want to get to know them all and be comfortable around them, but I know that takes time.

Finally they came out.  What a cute group they are.  Bekah saw me and ran to give me a hug.  I was so glad to have her in my arms again.  I missed her so much.  I asked her how school went.  She said, "It was super fun!  But I am so exhausted and hungry too.  Can I have the rest of my lunch on the way home?"  

We live 20 minutes from the school.  At times it is a pain to drive it and I really wished we lived closer. But it is nice having a chance to just talk. They can't go anywhere else.  So I heard all about her day.   She met Emma and Luke and played with them.  Then she said that a really nice boy kept smiling at her and they are friends, but she didn't know his name yet.  It was so cute.  Today she told me that he didn't want to play her her at recess because she kept trying to give him kisses and hugs.  Her eyes lit up and she said, "I love him."  Oh dear.  We had a talk about just being friends and not trying to kiss and hug all the boys she likes since they don't really want to do that.  I didn't think that that talk came this early.  

Since I have had to work almost every day this week, I am having to let go even more.  Chris took her to school Wednesday and Thursday and will take her tomorrow.   Since I don't get off of work until 7:30 am and she has to leave our house around 7:35 am, I don't get to give her or Hannah hugs and kisses before going to bed.  This has been hard on Bekah and my heart as well.  Bekah told me on Wednesday night that she didn't want to go to school anymore.  She was going to stay home so that she could see me in the morning.  For months now, she crys at night begging me not to go to work.  She just wants both mommy and daddy to be at home with her all the time.  We talk about how I have to work so that we can have a house and food and send her to school.  She is ok with it most of the time, but it was super hard for her not to see me in the morning.  We came up with a plan that I would call her as soon as I left work.   Then we could talk before she headed off to school.  This worked well today and I'll keep doing it.  I love hearing her tell me she loves me and to have a good sleep. 

We talk every night before she goes to sleep.  I lay down next to her and rub her back.  She talks and talks and then asks me to tell her stories of when I was a little girl.  I told her about my kindergarten teacher and all the fun toys that I got to play with at school.  I told her about a little boy at my table that pooped his pants.  Obviously that made a big impression on me.  :o)  I just want to keep her close to my heart.  I love having my girls tell me about everything.  Someday that may change, but I am going to do everything I can to help it not change.

I found this quote on pinterest that I love.   It is currently hanging on my fridge to remind me to listen to all they have to say.

Listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, no matter what.  If you don't listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won't tell you the big stuff when they are big, because to them all of it has always been big stuff. 
 Catherine M. Wallace


Stephanie said...

Sweet post Sarah - love hearing the things that are happening in your life!

You are building precious memories with your girls! Ones they will remember for a lifetime!

I am learning new seasons, while they may be a challenge, are seasons of new adventures and God uses them to grow us.

Can't believe she is in Kindergarten - makes me feel old - lol I can remember when you were pregnant with her and hanging out together!

Love you all - thanks for sharing your life with us :)

Jen Bauer said...

Love the pictures amd the new title of your blog. I think it is perfect.