Saturday, February 19, 2011

To Train Them Up In The Lord

I so enjoy just spending time with my sweet babes. I spend so much time training them in the Lord. When I see the result of careful training it makes my heart so glad. Hannah walked into the kitchen today and asked, "Mommy, may I have a drink of water?" in her sweetest voice. When the girls quarrel now, I just look at them and tell them to make it right. They each will say, "Sister, I'm sorry for hitting you. Will you forgive me?" And then they give each other a hug and go off to play sweetly with each other. Little by little they work at becoming God's little girls.

Bekah goes to Cubbies each week and she just loves it. Every week she learns a new verse. We have all the verses posted on the wall of the dining room so we can review them a few times a week. Bekah remembers all the verses that she has learned. I'm looking forward to when Hannah starts to memorize her verses too.

We love singing songs with the girls. Hannah loves singing too, though she has a hard time with some of the words. I normally sing a phrase and have her sing after me. She does a great job when we do it this way.

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