Thursday, December 23, 2010

What will they think of next

You'll never regret spending too much time with your kids.

Bekah's advice to Hannah, "Never clean your tongue with a diaper wipe. It never tastes good." Sound advice I'll say.

I gave both of the girls a slice of really yummy pie. . . topped with whipped cream. They ate all the whip cream and didn't want the rest of the dessert. What is wrong with my girls. Not going to waste anymore pie on them.

Mommy woke up today to find out that Hannah and Bekah tried to redecorate Hannah's room by themselves. They used pretty markers to decorate the rocking chair, the sheets, the side table and the carpet. Then they each gave themselves a make-over on their faces, tummy's and legs. Just wish that we got pictures of it all.

Both Bekah and Hannah got to go to the eye doctor today. Bekah was a bit scared and wouldn't say a word to the doctor. Hannah was much less intimidated and participated as much as a two year old could.

I was talking to my dad about another project that I would like to do and just don't have time for. I told him that I had too many pans in the frying pot and I just couldn't do one more thing.

Hannah was sitting in her "boat" (a broken lid to a toy box) singing. A few family members were sitting around her talking. Hannah kept singing louder and so we kept talking louder and louder. Finally Hannah says, "Everybody, listen to my song! Everybody, listen to my song!" Everytime we talked she would say it again.

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