Thursday, November 13, 2008

All Around the House

I love little baby hands and feet. I was able to get some really good prints for her baby book.

Bekah is learning how to breast feed her dolly's. It's very cute.

Hannah actually fits in Bekah's dolly stroller. (I took this picture when Bekah was upstairs so that she didn't get any ideas)

Making cookies is so yummy. Thanks for the apron Stephie.

Bekah loves to share her toys with Hannah, which means that I get to hold her dolly and Hannah.

Bekah helps me get ready every morning. We brush our teeth together and do our hair. She gets a "spray" (hairspray) just like mommy. She see's me rinsing my mouth after brushing my teeth and now she is starting to mimic me. Well, all except for the cheesy grin.


Megan said...

I love each and every picture. Hannah looks so cute in the doll stroller. Good idea about doing it when Bekah wasn't around. The baking and teeth brushing pictures are so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

SJ said...

The pictures are super cute - the apron looks so adorable on Bekah!!!!!!!!! Hannah fits in the stroller - but it doesn't look too comfy for her - ha ha!

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Wait about 20 years and it gets really scarry when your children start to "mimic" your actions. I know by experience! What a big responsibility we all have as parents. Remember the phrase we all say, "I will never do that like my parent," and then we suddenly find we are doing just that! I love you just like when you were my babe in arms, Love, Nanna