Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sonoma County Fair

Thirty Weeks today!!
I am so excited that Hannah (we finally chose a name for her) has remained where she should for this long. My ultrasound on Thursday went really well. She is now 3lbs 3oz and is very active. I put her sonogram picture in a cute frame and have it on the table next to me downstairs. Bekah keeps carrying it around and pointing to it and saying, "Baby!" I have been on bedrest for 4 weeks now. I really thought that by now the contractions would have really slowed down and I could be up and doing more. Well, the contractions are within my OK perameters but I am still having quite a few every day even with me doing NOTHING. God has been so good in giving me patience and such calmness and peace as I lay here every day.

I'm still keeping busy with Bekah and all my little projects. I have recently started reading the book, "Don't Make Me Count to Three." I got it on Thursday and am already 1/2 way through it. My Aunt Jennifer was here with Catie on Friday and gave me pretty note cards to write down verses and stuff on. I am writing down all the inspiring verses in the book that are the tools that God gave parents to train their children. I think it will be such a great resource to have so many training and instructing verses in one spot on very cute cards. Thanks Auntie!! I have also organized all my recipies and put them in a book. I got rid of the ones that I'll never use and wrote all the ones down that I needed to still do. Most of my Christmas presents are done and are ready to be wrapped. Catie showed me how to do "flairs" on facebook and so I had a blast with that. Sorry to those who I sent a bunch of flairs to. I was really getting into it. :o) As you can see, life is not boring yet. I found a Little Tykes Slide on Craigs list and Chris will pick it up today. That will be so fun for Bekah and keep her happy and amused for awhile. That's all on the updates. Now onto the pictures!

I know that this is a really late post but I had some fun pictures that I wanted to blog. We were able to go to the fair on the last day. It was fun to walk around, see the sights and enjoy some good food.

We really enjoyed the flower show.

Bekah was so totally done with getting her picture taken. Can you tell?

Nana Laurie gave Bekah some pennies to throw into the water. She had a good time doing that.

We locked up all the girls. Don't worry, I didn't leave them there too long.


Can you see me, mom?

We love Pasta King Pesto!

Nana Laurie got to hold little Taeya while we ate.

Megan and I really enjoyed our pesto. I had to get some to bring to Chris as well. This is one thing we do every year at the fair.

We had to get some cotton candy for Bekah before we left the fair. We all enjoyed it, but especially Bekah. We heard the word, "More!" quite a bit.


Rebekah said...

I can't believe it's already four weeks! Of course, I'm sure that it feels much longer to you.

I discovered flair this week (a friend tried to get me to do it a while ago), so it was perfect timing for the two of us :)

Do you have a middle name picked out as well?

Sarah said...

Her full name will be Hannah Brooke Kuhner as of right now. That could always change if she really doesn't look like a Hannah, but it's all we can settle for right now. Thanks for the flairs!

Leo and Kim said...

That is awesome that you are at 30 weeks and I love the name Hannah Brooke. Very cute and it goes well with Rebekah! :) I am available to help this week, especially if Chris is on his way to Windsor. Just let me know.

David Castro said...

Tell me that Hurricane Hannah didn't have anything to do with your name choice! :-)

Sarah said...

No, David, the name Hannah did not come from the hurricane. We have been talking about that name for a long time. I actually really wish that they hadn't chosen that name for the hurricane. Don't want her name being associated with destruction. Oh well.

SJ said...

Glad you are doing well!!!! Keep resting! Praying for you and miss seeing you!

The love birds .. said...

Great Pictures,

Rita and I love the name Hanna, or you could name her Hana(like in Hawaii) Whatever, we are so happy you are doing well and time is clicking away until your new Hanna arrives. The fair looks fun as always, miss going to SR to see you all. Love you