Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lots of fun pictures

So just a quick update on the pregnancy. I am 9 weeks along. Got to see the baby again this week. Really good heart beat and every thing looks good. I am due in the middle of November. I am getting really sick lately. The other day I worked the night shift and then didn't sleep really well. I was so sick. I went in to work a 12 hour shift and after 7 hours had to go to the ER since I couldn't keep anything down. It is really miserable trying to work when you are throwing up every ten min. I am just glad that all this has a great ending: A Baby!!

Bekah sure loves her daddy.

A yummy snack of biscuits.

I love her smile.

Bekah helps daddy BBQ.

She is trying to figure out how to put on glasses. She gets them on once in awhile except mostly upside-down.

One of the nurses at work gave Bekah a cute egg with 2 peeps inside. I gave her one to eat. She took a bite then spit it out. She kept trying to eat it but really wasn't sure about it.


SJ said...

Very cute pictures! I love the one where she has the biscuit - what a cute face!

Becca Sports said...

Those were some cute pictures! I'll be praying for your morning sickness...I'm sure that it is hard to work both at work and home when you aren't feeling well.

jenylu said...

Hope you're feeling better sooon!!! I will look forward to seeing you Tuesday. Bekah was so cute in the nursery Sunday -- I have a funny story for you. :)

Megan said...

I think it's funny that she wasn't sure about peeps...that's because they're not really food! Yuck. I've never enjoyed peeps.