Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snapshots in Time!

Playing with daddy.

Chris was playing with his remote control car. Bekah loved watching the car run all over. You can see by her expression.

Sieves are lots of fun if you use them right.

Bekah's new favorite toys. Save your money grandparents and just bring over your used milk jugs.

Is that present for me?


Megan C. said...

Bekah's hair is getting so long. She's such an adorable little girl. She's looking less and less like a baby and more like a little girl each day. Thanks for the pictures of your happy girl.

Megan C. said...

Oh yeah, I think Bekah's going to be into fencing when she grows up. :)

Drama Queen said...

awwwww...and agian i say awwwww

Megan C. said...

The other day I took some time and looked back through my blog posts. It was really fun so I just took the time to do the same with yours. :) It was fun seeing pics of you pregnant and of Bekah was she was a newborn. It makes me so excited to see mine!

SJ said...

Very cute and fun pictures - - Bekah is so cute! Some of the best toys are ones you don't even have to go buy from the toy store - they are right in the kitchen. How convenient!

Windy City Survivors said...

It's amazing what kids will play with. We've found that the kids enjoy the box the toy comes in sometimes more then the toy itself! :)

Bekah is adorable. It looks like you are loving being a mom.