Thursday, November 15, 2007

Climbing and Moving!

Bekah loves to climb up on the stool all by herself. Here she is trying to climb onto the counter. How frustrating it is to have such short legs.

Bekah is now one year old and is full of mischief. Just the other day I turned around and she was up on top of the stool reaching into the sink. She crawls up there all the time now.

I tried to keep her off of the stool and so tried to turn it on the side and even upside down. She just kept climbing in it and on it. I now just let her climb up and see what I'm doing. She has fell off of it once but she is doing well.

I'm so cute!!!!


Megan C. said...

Those pics of her by the sink totally remind me of the ones of you and I when we washed dishes. You should post those on your blog. :) I showed Phil how cute Bekah was in these pics. I love the progression of the story through pics.

Julie said...

That is too cute. They sure do find a way to explore don't they?

Drama Queen said...

You toatlly need to get her modeling. that last picture is to cute!